6 Top Wedding Trends for 2021

Two people look on at an outdoor nighttime wedding illuminated by sparklers.

New year, fresh start! Wondering what will be trendy this wedding season? Here are six of the anticipated 2021 wedding trends that I love: 1. Smaller and more intimate This not only allows couples to spend more quality time with their guests, but also allows them to go bigger with their budget and personalize the experience. Family style dinners, live entertainment, lavish décor, and...

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7 Top Wedding Trends for 2019

Candlesticks on a table set for dinner

Maybe you’re getting married or you’re hoping to get married this year! You’re looking for some inspiration, but are finding it difficult to get started. Don’t worry! I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve found the 7 top wedding trends when it comes to getting married in 2019 – that you can actually use – and grouped them together here...

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