It can be easy to focus on every other aspect of your wedding and forget about your own wellness. Taking care of yourself is an essential part of wedding planning and life. Remember to prioritize yourself and your needs. Here are a few things to remember:

Your wedding is about you and your partner

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the suggestions and opinions of family and friends, or pressures of those perfect social media weddings, please remember that you do not have to meet any of those expectations. Your wedding is supposed to reflect your relationship with your partner. Your love and commitment to one another. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to have a beautiful, meaningful, and fun day.

You are beautiful

There is so much pressure to get into shape for your wedding. Remember: your partner loves you just as you are and you love your partner just as they are. Taking care of yourself is remembering you are both beautiful just as you are. You should look and feel like yourselves on your wedding day.

There is no wrong way to get married

Many people may have opinions about this, but I am going to say this again: this day is about you and your partner. If you want an Elvis impersonator to marry you on the side of a cliff, that is an absolutely valid choice! Or if you only want it to be you, your partner, and two of your closest friends. Or if you want 200 friends and family members at a backyard BBQ where you just so happen to have an officiant there to marry you. You do you!

Plan date nights

The wedding planning conversations can take over your life. It may start to feel like every conversation you have with your partner is about the wedding. I highly recommend planning dates, whether it is going out for coffee, or ice cream, or a meal, or biking, whatever it may be, and you are not allowed to talk about the wedding at all. That’s right, you have to spend an hour or more talking about something else. Anything else. You connected about so much more before you started planning a wedding and it is good to remind yourselves who you are as a couple. Who knows it may also inspire you. But at the very least it will reduce some of the stress and provide you both with quality time together.