Wedding Portfolio

Vikkie & Tarek

Victoria and Tarek have spent most of their relationship exploring the world. As a result, it is no surprise that their wedding included references to their many travels. Every last detail was carefully curated to share their experiences with their guests, from a globe as a guest book, chocolate favours in mini suitcases, a gold leaf world map on their wedding cake, to postcards from their honeymoon travels as thank you cards. Cultural traditions from Tarek’s Palestinian background were incorporated into the day with performances throughout the evening by Dalona Zaffeh, who specialize in zaffeh and dabke. After an outfit change by both the bride and groom everyone danced the night away in style!

Brides to be trust me you want Chantal on your team!!! Chantal is the very best and there are so many things I can think of throughout our planning process and big day that prove it. I would say that I’m organized by nature but Chantal helped us take it to a whole other level. She had all of the answers to keep any worries about logistics in perspective. Having Chantal as our planner and running our day allowed us to enjoy every single moment!