Exploring the Benefits of Both

I’ve heard it many times – the venue has a coordinator, so do I still need a wedding planner for the day? The answer is usually yes, and this is why:

A wedding planner works for the couple who are getting married. They work together weeks before the wedding finalizing all the details, timeline, décor, and vendors. Then the wedding planner coordinates the entire wedding day, from the hair and makeup to the formal dances. The wedding planner problem solves any delays, set up or décor issues, and vendor concerns in addition to making sure the wedding continues to run on time. They advocate on behalf of and represent the couple.

A venue coordinator works for the venue. Their priority is making sure that everything at the venue is set up and provided to the couple’s preferences. They let the vendors into the venue, show them where to set up, work with the catering team and bar, and the wedding planner. They do not coordinate any vendors outside of the venue, for instance hair, makeup, shuttle, photographer, etc. In many cases they also do not stay until the end of the night.

One is not better than the other. To be honest it is great when you have both a wedding planner and venue coordinator. The wedding planner is an expert on the wedding as a whole and what is important to the couple. The venue coordinator is an expert on the space, how it functions, and the best ways to use it. They work together to make your day run as smoothly as possible. They are the ultimate wedding power couple. It’s the perfect balance of knowledge and expertise to make your wedding day go off without a hitch!